I’d like to say hello to many of the wonderful new friends that Gary Finnan and I met at the Brendon Burchard’s Expert Academy in Santa Clara, CA.

What an amazing experience it was to meet so many passion-filled people with a soulful purpose, from all corners of the globe. If you don’t know Brendon’s work, I highly recommend checking out his website as he has loads to offer anyone looking to share their message with the world!

With the new tools that we have brought home from our time at Experts Academy, Wellness & Writing will be moving forward over the next couple of months to improve our platform and website. We’ll keep you posted as we complete the many tasks before us to turn W&W into a more interactive and supportive community.

Sedona, Arizona Retreat
18 More Sleeps!

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In less than three weeks we’ll be soaking up the sacred sun and red earth of Sedona, Arizona. Our purpose will be to focus on smaller written masterpieces, crafted to help you get your message into the world via literary publications and magazines.

For anyone who has been sitting on the fence regarding joining us, and for those of you who are already registered, I have great news to share. I’ve just gotten off the phone with the founder and editor-in-chief, Priya Rana Kapoor, of a fabulous new magazine called, Give YourSelf Permission. W&W will be honoured to have Priya visit us in Sedona where she will provide information about this life changing new publication, what type of stories they are looking for, and how to submit your work. I’m SOOO excited about this opportunity!

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Give YourSelf Permission Magazine
In case that’s not quite enough to get you off that comfy fence, I have also decided to draw our $500 May Scholarship prize early this month, so that it can be used towards our Sedona Retreat – May 22nd to May 27th. All you need to do to for your chance at this Scholarship is to send me an email letting me know why you would like to join us this month in Sedona, and I will enter you into the draw for your chance to win! It’s that easy. I’ll be making the draw quickly, Wednesday May 6th, so don’t delay and throw an email my way A.S.A.P.

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At our All-Inclusive Sedona Retreat, we will address the importance of honing your skills as a writer by crafting shorter essays and stories designed for literary publications, journals and magazines. Surrounded by the sacred energy that is Sedona, organic healthy food and an atmosphere conducive to creativity and connection, you will leave this Retreat with a profound sense of peace and purpose as well as new written material and tools to help you approach publication outlets. For more details – Please click here.

Only two days left for your chance to receive a $500 Scholarship for our Sedona Retreat. Send a brief email today to tell me why you would like to join us and you’ll be entered for your chance to win!

With Love & Gratitude ~ Julie Colvin xx

I Would Love To Join You In Sedona.
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