The skittish horses pranced awkwardly, approaching the corral, wide eyed and dry mouthed. Some had been here before and stood gazing at the flighty newcomers, remembering their own angst from not that long ago. Gentler eyes and welcoming breathes enticed all who milled around, to step in.

Wranglers watched the newcomers, the sheen of perspiration on fearful flanks. It is safe here they whispered, coaxing them in. The smell of fresh cut inspiration hung heavy in the air, nostrils flared, a desire to taste the delight of expression. Still, hooves twitched in anticipation, some thinking to run, break away in fear, old habits dying hard in this arena. Wranglers’ gentle guidance did not break nor bend; a simple joining up as hours passed under watchful eyes and soft prompting.

It is said that one can lead a horse to water, but one can’t make it drink. The thirst desiring voice after so long in the wilderness, the crafted beauty of silent sounds ebbing from an imagination as old as each of our souls. Wranglers, tame our fears and guide us to that place, give us shelter, soothe our brows with words of encouragement. Thank you, thank you, thank you we sigh in unison, refreshed.

Red sand of Sedona pulses in our veins. Deep umber etchings leave tracks for others to follow to this wondrous place, this place where Wranglers nurtured in us stories anew from nothing but pure passion. Now they set us free to fly on Pegasus wings. No earthly bounds can contain a voice released.

Wellness & Writing may offer retreats where you can polish your prose and savor some of our world’s most beautiful locations, but what Julie & Lisa contribute, makes it so much more. They share their passion, their knowledge and most importantly their belief in you as a creative-being seeking expression. Their gift of wellness goes home with you and inspires you to live fully as a writer, with a posse of new cohorts, long after the retreat is done.

Thank you Julie & Lisa and the other wild horses

~ Gary Finnan