Following the Sedona retreat, I needed a week’s reprieve to maintain the ride I had taken on that self-healing high frequency.

I chuckle as I remember becoming quite selfishly secretive about the whole trip as though it had been some clandestine & ethereal mission reserved for our special tribe alone. I did not want to diminish its rich flavor by talking about it to those who were not present, and asking flippantly, “So, how was it?”

To be fair – I could write a book about all the experiences shared and heartfelt.
Only with the tribe, however, can I even attempt to portray the recurrent image and theme that implanted itself on my heart and mind the evening I first stepped into the Retreat House…

… Winds of transformation spiralled and snaked around the mountain as we sat in prayer and grace, breathing through each one of us, making us One. Even the sweet pungency of the smoking sage wafted and enveloped each of us in it’s sacred dance, leaving us cleansed, connected, safe.

Too many moments to mention right now, the pervasive and endearing sentiment of the Sedona Soul Treat, for me, will remain the Spiral of Love and co-creative transformation that I would wager affected us collectively on levels so profound that will emerge more powerfully only in retrospect. Namasté. ~ Daniela