EscapingChristianity_150It was the fall of 2012 when I first contacted Lisa Fugard who led me to Julie Colvin. We worked tirelessly on my book proposal and today I have my book available on in Kindle and paperback.

I have to say this process was made so enjoyable by working with Julie and Lisa and subsequently with editor and W&W formatter, Lois Weston-Bernstein. From the start, I was made to feel important and that my book was vital for today’s evolving spiritual climate. They were very accessible, responsive and professional. I also felt that they were “invested” with their time, expertise and intent for the success of my book. I never felt like a number; I felt and was treated like a soon-to-be bestselling author!

Well, now I have my book in hand and we are impacting people! I am so thankful for these three people that believed in my book project, and more importantly, in me. I owe the Wellness and Writing team one big thank you for everything that they have done for my book and me. They surpassed my expectations time and time again.

Barbara Symons – Author of, Escaping Christianity ~ Finding Christ