Dear Dear Wonderful Julie and Lisa!

A wee babe has just been delivered to the inbox for the Writers Workshop Contest with Hay House. I am so filled with deLight, having taken this journey with you both. Thank you for accepting me as a client, and for seeing through the extraneous and cloudy words to the treasure hidden inside. Thank you for guiding me in uncovering that Treasure! Funny how it parallels what I am suggesting in the overview, but when I look at what I had originally and compare it to what I’ve just submitted I am astonished! And so very pleased!

I have my hopes aimed at winning this competition, but I am open to the highest plan for this book. Whatever the outcome, I know that it will soar as high and as far as it does thanks in great part to your brilliance, your warmth, and your exquisite guidance.

I enjoyed our conversations and I felt the great Love that you both radiate. Thank you for sharing that Love and your gifts with me. I look forward to many more occasions of our working together.

With much Love, and great appreciation,


Mary Note Law
Author of the forthcoming book entitled:
Heaven on the Line: The Inner Connection to God, Angels, and Departed Loved Ones