I often fear that which is different or not near my comfort zone. The idea of sharing a week with the unknown always pulls at me and the steps become lethargic. Often it is hard to hit the send button when the deposit is due. Procrastination creeps in and time never finds the moment for a decision to be made. Should I go? This time, I harnessed the fear and took a leap to join a mysterious group of writers in Sedona. When I got there I learned that by seizing the differences that I fell into such an easy state of grace. The combined uniqueness of all of us was an amazing tapestry of humanness and our life’s struggles were the fountain of creativity that poured out as we read our stories. Starting out as deep canyons unable to cross we soon bridged the crevasses as our tears turned to laughter and all the space that was between us melted into a garden of emotions, each one of us a delicate shape and color. By the end, we were all of the earth and of the heart that is Sedona. It opened us and stretched us beyond our comforts, we were amazed and humbled. I took a risk to bloom and I crossed the threshold into freedom for my unique self and for my story. There was nothing in this that needed to be improved or accepted, I did not need to overcome rejection or criticism. The experience was all that I needed to become the writer in me.

Love you guys !!

~ Lori