Last June Hay House Publishing held a Writer’s Workshop in Denver, CO where their best-selling author, Gregg Braden spoke about his writing process. They had over 300 attendees at that event, with 125 participants electing to enter the optional Writer’s Contest.

Please join us as we celebrate the first-place prize winner, Melanie Dewberry, for her book proposal titled, The Power of Naming: A Journey to Find Your Soul’s Identity. Melanie has been awarded the Hay House $10,000 publishing contract!

Before the winner was announced, Melanie reached out to give thanks to W&W’s own, Lisa Fugard, for her instrumental help in creating her soon to be “winning book proposal.”

“Good Morning Lisa,

I wanted to take a moment and thank you for your fierce and loving direction with the book proposal.
Most days I was so afraid of writing.
But you didn’t care. You didn’t listen to that story.
And I thank you for that.
That story kept me stuck.
You made me write.
I had several meltdowns during our time that you didn’t witness.
But I tried to write each day.
I don’t know if I’ll win the Hay House contest.
Thanks okay, truly it is.
I have already won.
I am not afraid to write anymore.
I do every day now.
I think of you when I do.
I’m free from that old story
I do believe that you get better at what you practice.
I practice writing.
I love to write now.
I have a million new topics whereas before I struggled with one.
I’m practicing to become a good writer.
I’m free now… because of you.
Thank you so much Lisa.
I won big!