“… The tours have been amazing – each providing things I can add to my repertoire of life experiences. I felt joy in learning, in seeing and tasting the bounty that life on earth provides. Lives lived. Journeys taken. Choices made. It is like dessert. Sweet and rich and luscious. I have felt nourished in the sweetness of these experiences.

The writing sessions have provided a place to let go of what I’ve wanted to write and pushed me back into the place of inner reflection. Life has given me a bounty of experiences from which to pull tasty morsels of discourse and angst. I have in the years since I started focusing on my fiction forgotten that I have a voice that spews from a rich artisan well buried within my heart. Words that can reach out from the page and wrap themselves around the hearts of others. These private essays that lift my soul and stroke my sanity.”

I can honestly say that I was the ‘reluctant retreater’ before I came. I looked at writing retreats all the time and would think to myself “You should go.” But the actual going would never materialize. That was until I spoke with Julie Colvin. She encouraged me to do this for me and for my writing. I struggled with the decision but finally took the leap of faith to face my fears head on. I had to do this for me.

Everything about this trip was geared to spurring on the creative spirit. The tours were fun and thought provoking and the working sessions were inspiring and confidence building. Hearing the caliber of writers in the group, listening to their words, gave new life to my spirit. I took a big drink at the fountain of inspiration and felt fulfilled.

The group was cohesive from the onset, the food was fabulous and the entire adventure well organized and rewarding. If you want to give to yourself; if you want to breath life into your writing; if you want to nurture your soul, then don’t just think seriously about attending this retreat – Attend! You won’t regret it. ~ Leslie Johnson