What a fantastic, life changing experience. I cannot say thank you enough to Julie Colvin and Lisa Fugard and all who attended. From the moment I arrived, I was touched by the thoughtful details that made us feel welcome.

The food was phenomenal, the classes amazing. The energy of our environment was most perfect and our group of writers, I will remain friends with for life. What a beautiful group of friends, there is great purpose in our coming together as we did.

I have attended so many workshops over the last 10 years of my life and this retreat is by far up there with the very best of them. I have returned home rejuvenated, feeling my greatness, feeling the awesome flow of creativity coursing through every part of me… and knowing exactly what it is I need to do now to make my vision become reality. In fact… it is… all that I desire is already in motion and making its way through me and out to the world.

What could I say to anyone thinking of attending this retreat in the future? I say if it speaks to you in any way, just do it!!! The energy that both Julie and Lisa bring to this retreat is a gift… their way of teaching and being remind us how powerful we are as writers and as creators. Thank you Julie Colvin, Lisa Fugard and all who made this experience phenomenal!!!! I love you all!!!!

~ Tina Klonaris-Robinson