My whole life, I’ve always enjoyed words. Word games, journaling, even school writing assignments – they all energized me. I’ve always enjoyed using my vocabulary, both verbally and through the written word. However, I never really pursued “writing” in any structured way. As a wife and mother of two very busy girls, and working a full time job, I never believed I had time to devote to writing. I always thought, “who am I to think I’m a writer anyway?”

I know Julie Colvin because of our shared experiences as mothers of children with Type 1 Diabetes. She and I share a deep passion for manifesting a cure for our daughters, and we both have raised funds for Dr. Denise Faustman’s extraordinary research to that end.

When Julie asked me if I’d like to participate in the first Wellness & Writing Retreat she and Lisa Fugard were hosting, I felt at once both elated and terrified. As a fledgling writer, I became excited at the prospect, yet apprehensive at the thought of joining more seasoned writers. What could I contribute to such a group? I had some ideas of things about which I’d like to write, but I was at the very beginning of my own personal exploration, and I had nothing for these marvelous coaches to review. I was scared on the plane as I traveled to Hilton Head that I was out of my league.

So, what happened to me? A wonderful group of like-minded people welcomed with open arms, each of them at various stages of their own personal journeys. Some had books written and needed help with proposals. Others had many wonderful ideas, and needed guidance on how best to channel their energies. Some were rewriting manuscripts. And then there was me – starting completely from scratch. Guess what? I fit in just fine. The environment was breathtaking, the house was top-notch, and the food was healthy, yet mouth-wateringly scrumptious. But the best part of all was the friendships I fostered, and what I learned about myself. I learned I can touch people with my writing; I can capture a moment for people with my words. I had something to offer all these extraordinary people. They listened to my writing, provided wonderful feedback, and I did the same for them. I was part of this group of writers. I am a WRITER! I am eternally grateful to Julie and Lisa for hosting this wonderful event and their most helpful coaching, but most of all I am grateful to the writers. We connected through writing, but also at a much deeper level. You’ve forever touched my heart.

~ Stacy L