When I began the process of choosing an editor for my book proposal I emailed Lisa Fugard and she asked that I send her a sample of my writing. I was nervous to hit the send button because I have extreme and self-diagnosed WADDD (writers attention to detail deficit disorder). Lisa not only liked what she read but she recommended that I speak with Julie Colvin, her business partner, to discuss an organized approach to creating a “stellar” proposal.

Wow, was I impressed! Julie, in a matter of hours, had a comprehensive plan to whip the overall form of my project into shape. I was now in proposal boot camp and it was sink or swim. I had detailed direction, a hit list and a self imposed timeline for completion that I accomplished in short order.

Then it was Lisa’s turn to advise on the prose. Again, nervousness set in. The content of my book is controversial and abstract. I needed a keen eye to see and understand some difficult subject matter. Lisa’s understanding was amazing and her ability to help me pull together a comprehensive view for the reader was outstanding.

I worked very hard to follow the instruction and advice from this Dynamic Duo. What motivated me most is that I knew in my heart that Lisa and Julie not only believed in my project, they believed in me.

Barbara Symons

Author of an exceptional upcoming book, Escaping Christianity – My Journey out of Fundamentalism and into Christ