“The Wellness & Writing Retreat to Italy was truly magical. It surpassed ALL expectations that I had before going.

I wish to personally thank Julie Colvin, Lisa Fugard and Gary Finnan for sharing their wisdom, their ideas, their humor and their time with me.

The charming private villa that Julie Colvin acquired for the retreat not only provided splendid food, and dazzling views of the coast, but it allowed for all of the writers who attended to come together in a safe, compassionate environment, where we shared our daily writing, heard constructive critique, accepted helpful suggestions, and received encouragement to “crack the nut” and find the meat in the story.

The alchemy that happened at this retreat still brings tearful emotions.

The dictionary defines Alchemy as; any magical power or process of transmuting a common substance, usually of little value, into a substance of great value.

Even THIS definition is still not enough to relay what this retreat has given to me, how it changed and improved my writing….. How I met new, caring friends.

Lisa Fugard was able to bring color, life, expression, emotions and so much more to my writing. She is such a beautiful person. Lisa genuinely cares about your writing and helps you bring it to life. She was remarkable.

Gary Finnan’s personality is hilarious. He keeps you laughing and creates a fun learning environment. Gary is able to unbury hidden depths of you, that will surprise you. He aids in helping you find a new perspective to your writing. Very creative man!

Julie Colvin has a plethora of knowledge to help you get your writing OUT to the world. She is such a joy to work with. Julie made me feel important and wanted at the retreat. She was always making sure that things were running smoothly, that everyone was happy and having a good time. Truly a radiant woman.

Thank you again, for allowing me the opportunity to share in this retreat.

~ Allison Blakley