Writing songs, poetry, an article or book came natural to me. Writing has always been part of my soul and words flow freely from my mind. I began putting together my thoughts to present a book to Hay House for publication only to realize the book is not what they wanted but a Book Proposal was required. That was simply foreign language to me. Even though I went to a workshop, purchased a how to book, and even went on line to get a better understanding of what was expected of me in writing a Book Proposal; confusion reigned from “too much information” and I was simply lost. I had the skills to write my story but lacked the knowledge of writing a Proposal. Nonetheless, I began to flounder through the arduous process and put together the pieces the best that I could.

Frustrated and overwhelmed the universe opened up and sent me a gift. A phone call with Julie Colvin about her Wellness and Writing Retreat resulted in additional discussion about proposal writing. Julie, being a wealth of information offered her skills and I readily accepted. Within a week we were working together and I was on my way. No longer aggravated, I felt relaxed and excited about our endeavors. Julie had a way of breaking the proposal into bite size pieces. She stayed one step ahead of the process and all that seemed muddled in my mind became simplistic. Her knowledge and skill were astounding, and her tenderness and kindness-breath taking. My snippets and fragments of a proposal came together like a work of art thanks to Julie; I got more than what I needed to present my book to Hay House- I made a friend for life.

~ Tamela Duncan ~ Psychotherapist and soon to be published Author of “Choose Happiness”.